Winsor & Newton

[Retail environment, design]


Following a shift in ownership in 2013-14 came an updated identity and Winsor & Newton needed to modernize their retail experience. W&N has a long history and is a brand that to many people signals ”old and trustworthy” rather than ”contemporary and exciting”.

But the fact is that W&N has always been contemporary and aligned with current needs in the artist’s community.

Of course, the retail experience should show this! An analysis commissioned by W&N showed that artists struggled to how to find the correct colours when shopping for new oils. They where also in need of guidance and inspiration to switch to W&N or try out new products.

Pilot shop London Graphic Centre 2015

True colours!

By showing actual colour samples on canvas the artists navigates quicker and will not have an unpleasant surprise in the studio. Showing the colours like this also prevents lids to be opened in the shops.


Navigation and store communication

By using different depths for different product categories we created a more dynamic and easier-to-navigate shop environment.

Descriptive flaps

Shopping for creative material shouldn't just be a transaction but also a learning experience. By utilising the space on the flaps, we invented a mean of communication as well as a calmer aesthetic, as a lot of smaller products could be placed in compartments rather than open shelves.


Talking with artists in their native tongue

What painters really want to know when shopping for oils is how the colours  performs, it's real properties. By letting artists do the in-store communication, W&N gives relevant information and not just sales arguments.