[Design and architecture, branding]


Vitamina is an argentine mid price fashion brand. that has been active since the late 90’s. More and more competitors has come up on the argentine fashion retail market and in 2014, when the 25th anniversary was approaching, a wish of a brush-up of the brand was clearer. Without touching the logo, a new identity had to be worked up. First in line was a new store concept – followed by packaging, In store communication and more to come.


The make-over started on a strategic level. After an analysis we came up with a new customer offer and a new style concept for Vitamina. The new store concept is a dynamic one based upon a few components that defines the core of the concept – but easy to adjust in look and expression. We created tools that in the future makes it easier for Vitamina to develop their new stores by themselves in-house.


New store design

Buenos Aires / Alcorta


With Agneta Pettersson (architect )

and Jenny Borgh (visual merchandiser)



Store #2

Buenos Aires / Unicenter


With Agneta Pettersson (architect )

and Jenny Borgh (visual merchandiser)