Snickarbacken 7

[Interior design, branding]


Snickarbacken 7 is a place for coffee, art and shopping in an old stable from the beginning of last century. It’s situated in the fashionable district Östemalm in Stockholm, back on a small off street. So this place you have to know to find. Its crowd is young fashionistas, art students and celebs alike. The place was getting more and more popular and when the old small kitchen couldn’t deliver for all its guests, something had to be done to meet all the guests requests.


A new entrance had to be built, but in a old rough way to blend in the rough environment. A new cash/ordering desk was built in a stable aesthetic. The kitchen had to be bigger, so the toilet had to be moved. The new toilet had to be built elsewhere in the seating area, so instead of hiding it, our idea was to make a cargo box that stands out in the environment. In addition to this we made a new seating/furniture plan.